"A human being is part of the whole called by us, Universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. (Albert Einstein, 1954)"



Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Quantum, Electromedicine Healing and Ascension Alignment. The attunement received from Metatron, aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. It aligns and heals the mind perceived as an individual mind, the ego mind and delivers the Ascension Codings to return the mind to the Divine Mind of One, of Source. It heals the ego mind, the separated mind,  and alters the mind from perceiving the split mind matrix. Via the Frequencies, Energies, Vibrations and Light Codings of Metatron, through Metatronia Therapy, it offers one the opportunity of re-integrating the One Consciousness. When the mind is healed, you are your own best healer. When the mind is healed, Divine Grace and the path of forgiveness is emanated in your very presence and assists the healing and alignment of other-selves.  The unconscious becomes conscious. The separation becomes unifciation.  Metatronia Therapy aligns one to The One Source frequency through Metatron. Aligning you to the Higher Heart and aligning to Divine Mind. Releasing the mind, to return to the Divine Thought-forms of the Light. Alignment is the Undoing of all that is not the Truth of you. Metatron brings alignment with the sacred geometric Inscriptions of the Living Light of the One, Unseparated Consciousness.   Metatronia Therapy offers Ascension Alignment, undoing any blocks, lifting the veil, so that the true Source Light may be seen. Metatron assists in any unraveling needed, to align one to the Higher Heart, the I Am Presence. It is a return to Divine Creativity, enlightening, enlivening. It is a return to the Peace within".


We are very much brought to our divine alignment state that is unique to each living Being. And so this journey is not about exacts, it is about your own individual, unique coding and connection of light that Metatron will assist you in opening, expanding, aligning and ascending to. 


Metatronia Therapy is an evolutionary & very transformational healing vibration/energy that assists us as we move and evolve from Homo Sapien into Homo Luminous (Man of Light). The healing is at the forefront of these evolutionary energy transformations mankind is experiencing. It is every altering and ever expanding. It does not stagnate and is ever altering in vibration as man moves higher to becoming the man of light. It works on many levels not just the physical, emotional and mental bodies but much more. 


This healing vibration utilizes divine light and One Source connection frequency through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron to which some of the information is disclosed  (of sorts) in the teachings of the Keys of Enoch and is very much coming to light. This healing vibration is here now to assist mankind in his light evolutionary process, and assisting you in your ascension process, accessing higher consciousness awareness, experiencing zero-point energy,  and working/connection /awareness with the Lightbody.


Metatronia Therapy is involved in the Bioenergetics* ('*energy flow through living systems') - the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with multi-dimensional vibrational energy that is brought to us through Archangel Metatron. It is a metaphysical healing system. We are each our own Healer and Metatron opens us up to connect with outer dimensional vibrations and energy codings that assist the Human form/vessel/body in healing on many levels.  

Feeling is believing. It is the combination of our trusting, opening and believing in an outer dimensional reality, call it Divine Intervention and deep divine connection,  that we are able to tap into and begin to heal on many levels. For without our trust, without our belief, without our conscious expansion and divine surrendering we will remain as a Being of the three-dimensional/linear state. Mankind is altering and realising that there are far greater energies that are available to us. To link into, to utilise, to heal, to expand, to transform us. We are awakening to a new state of being, a higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality. We are coming home. 


This healing system expands our awareness, energy and consciousness so that we are raised into a higher state of Being. A higher state of vibrational awareness. 



Time for Revealing

Metatronia Therapy is the name given to the Healing Frequency that is brought to us now from Archangel Metatron. The healing frequency is only but a small percentage of what the Frequency is about. Healing the self, healing others through linking with Metatron and Sacred geometric codings. There is other major work going on within the self, for each and every one of you. Yes it is healing but on a major scale.  Bringing about many changes on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. But Metatronia Therapy is so much more than just a therapy to use to heal others and the self. MT, through the link with Archangel Metatron is catapulting many into their true soul state of being. It is not just about the healing. that again is just a small part and probably a masking of what is really happening underneath it all. 

You are coming into your divine power/essence/true soul source activation. You are being opened to a magnificent journey of the self, opening, letting go, shedding, undressing, release from old programmings, old behaviours, control aspects, ego aspects, linear mind control and blockages. For many there are hurdles to get over currently. 

The healing brings releases but also the shiftings and linkings with Metatron's light and frequential codings bring much more. He aids you in coming out of the self, all that has been harboured over many years. You are releasing. Do not fear this process for it is divine. His words ring ever true "Trust, believe and be open to receive, surrender all that you believe now to be your truth as they are not, release and we will show you there are no limitations to the power and strength that reside deep within you. 

We are unlocking these so that they can be felt in their full splendour in this lifetime".... Many are feeling uneasy energies, transformations, letting go's which may feel extremely difficult....and tears may flow many tears, we ask you to trust now, a great trust is needed and we will light the path for are moving well, you are honoured and greatly loved....The healing is just a small part of this magnificent journey you are now embarking on......release, trust, surrender, believe, and we are with you,every step of the the moments you feel alone, know that you are being carried, in the moments of anguish and tears know that this is release, the  more you fight it the longer the process. We are with you, all of you. Know this and feel this. 


Are you standing in your true light? you will know when you are as you feel a deep resonating blissful feeling, and a warm glow all around you..nothing bothers you, you are at ease, and give out love to the drama, no ego, no preciousness, just a Being....being in their true light.....finding it may be hard but once you have it boy you know you have it and its an endless beaming light.

I am a Multi-Dimensional Healer and Lightworker. Some call me an Avatar but I prefer to use the term Lightworker.  I work with Archangel Metatron and other Archangels and Lightbeings to bring healing on many levels. The work that I do is to assist Humanity/mankind in the movement to the higher levels of light coming to us now through the light of the One Source.  I work from and am guided by The One, Source Energy. Assisting the Ascension Process and the many facets therein. Assisting mankind in his light evolutionary process.


This work is to assist in bringing this healing resonance to Mankind and helping with the energetic adjustments taking place. This is done under the name of METATRONIA THERAPY. Spontaneous healing of the many bodies within the physical vessel (body). Emotional, physical, spiritual, mental healing occurs as you would term it but the healing is more than this.  Simplified teaching, simplified application, simplified connection. The difficult part perhaps is your true and complete divine surrender and devotion to your own soul path and journey. 


It is bringing the codings back to bring you to your unique design blueprint. To bring you back to equilibrium as you journey this earthly life. So much more than just healing. To feel it is to know. Release for the physical body and raising of the frequency in and around us. Assisting you as you journey through the energetic changes that the whole of Mankind is currently experiencing.   We are coming into a new age and a new vibration with the realisation and awakening that we are more than human form. We are made up of energy/vibrations and when these vibrations and electrical circuits go out of sync, this is when illness/disharmony and disease can occur.

Metatronia Therapy assists in rebalancing, reharmonizing and recharging the system on many levels, its hands on healing and is very gently in its approach although Archangel Metatron's energy is very powerful and he really moves us to where we need to be, connecting with our true light resonance.  it is a higher, finer resonance to that of Reiki energy and is not grounded in the 3D realms. It is omnipresent, conscious, expansive, divine light of the One Source, which knows no boundaries, especially with it's ability to release and realign us to our true soul light and formation. 


"We bring you into the realization and acknowledgement of your lightbody crystallined (Christ-Alligned)  grid matrix. Your true soul resonance. This is the work we are here to do. To assist your awakening and ascension process".  


This journey is not easy. Working through the dressings of the ego can be at times, quite a painful journey but perceverence is the key and being bold enough to want to work through and complete the Ascension journey which for some of us may take many lifetimes. Metatronia Therapy and the energy and vibrations it brings help to ease this process and propel us to new beginnings, new energies, and union with the Soul.  To find the words to truly portray the essence of this Divine Healing energy is not possible. To feel it is to understand. There is so much beyond the healing. Your life will be transformed in so many ways. The healing is just skimming the surface and brings you a frequency that will move you beyond any expectations you may already have regarding ascension and awakening. The healing is just a small part..the journey itself has to be felt and experienced as words are not enough.


"Words are not enough...but to feel....then that is your verification....your reality of something working within and around you. Wake up to your divine energy. You are of the Light, omnipresent, beautiful, divine Beings". 

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